Artist Statement

 I am a 22 year old artist living in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I graduated from Calvin College with a BA in psychology and studio art, and I currently work out of my studio in Kalamazoo. My main body of work consists of handmade books and digital illustrations.


I find enjoyment in the hands-on nature of book binding, and the freedom to explore different mediums, binding techniques, purposes, etc., that can be used, and constantly toying with our understanding of what a book is. It is not uncommon to find me roaming through the fabric section of a store, touching the fabrics and testing their stretch and durability, or wandering through the paper sections, feeling the weight and flexibility of the paper and seeing whether the glitter on it rubs off, or testing the toughness and texture of threads, twines, flosses, and ropes.


In balance with the labor intensive bookmaking process, I enjoy the non commital creative freedom that comes with the use of a digital platform when creating illustrations. This allows me to experiment with textures and colors, and manipulate images with the ability to go back to the version that feels right to me, and to develop and discover new ways of creating digital illustrations. I have illustrated and published one book so far, and others are in the works.


I believe that one's creativity is never confined to one skill or medium. I have worked in ceramics, life drawing, painting, and mixed media, and constantly incorporate that experience into my work with books.


Sofia De Jong 

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