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Call for Participation!


Over the past months, I have been collecting self portraits for my Equity series!

Originally a series meant to emphasize the representation of women in art using the Venus symbol, my current series focuses on marginalized genders- not just cisgender females.

Anybody is welcome to participate- whether female identifying or not!

To participate, simply print out or draw your own template (printed templates can be mailed to you upon request), and turn it into a self portrait using whatever medium you’d like!

Then, send me a picture of your completed portrait to have it added to the gallery!

Completed portraits can be share with me in the following ways:



Snail Mail: please email me for mailing address!

I’ve included my own self portrait as an example :)

See more info on my website:

- Sofia De Jong

Self Portrait Template
Sofia's Venus Self Portrait
Equity 1

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