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Sunday Sketchbook Project Update (#3)

This week I’d like to share a page from my sketchbook that represents a page that can be found in every sketchbook I’ve owned since I started studying art in undergra- a page with nail polish swatches.

In all of my past sketchbook, I’ve filled an entire page with swatches from every nail polish I owned at the time, my Sketchbook Project book I decided to narrow my swatches down to my favorite polishes. I ended up with 15 polishes, a few of which I don’t wear often but love anyway. I included the polish brand, name, and identifying number so viewers can know which nail polish they’re looking at. Finally, I added a few notes for each polish, just for fun 😊

I’ve included pictures of my nail polish swatch pages from a few previous sketchbooks I was able to find- enjoy!

I’ll see you with a new sketchbook update next week!


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