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As I sit in the Detroit airport awaiting my flight home from a job in New York, I receive a Facebook message from a friend. She is preparing to permanently leave Facebook but wants to stay connected with me and continue to follow my work. I give her my website and Instagram information, but this gets me thinking- how many friends and family members of mine would like to follow my work but cannot keep up with my because they do not use social media?

Unable to keep up with blogs and email lists I have tried previously, I stumbled upon a solution through the platform I use for my website. Through this app, you can be a member of my group and receive updates from me without having to rely on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. You can also interact with me more directly and with more ease, as well as interact with other people who follow my work using the forum tab.

I hope this solution helps make my work more accessible, and that you enjoy the more personal and detailed updates you’ll find on here!

-Sofia De Jong

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